BlackSys CH- 100B Review

BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel 1080P FULL HD Front and Rear Pro Wide Angle Dashboard RecorderThe BlackSys CH- 100B has positioned itself as a competitive alternative that offers discreet design, good video quality, two-channel recording, and Wi-Fi connectivity. To give you a quick rundown, this device offers Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in voltage cut-off feature, parking mode by motion detection, built-in temperature cut-off feature, Mac and Windows compatible software, Wi-Fi apps for both Android and iOS, and finally, this device can take up to 128GB SD card space.

CammSys is not a brand new dash cam company from Korea. They have been manufacturing dash cams for the past four years. It is actually a very big corporation compared to any other dash cam companies in Korea. Founded in 1993, CammSys Corporation is specializing in R&D and producing camera module for Samsung smartphones and ranked as the top seven leading company in the global market for this specific category.

Back then, they had devices with a huge LCD screen. However, things are much different now. They came out with the CH- 100B and this device is capable of everything that North American market requires. The form factor of the CH- 100B is pretty unique as it uses a flat rectangular body. This makes for a lower profile design which may appeal to more North American customers, despite this product being relatively unknown in North America. Its slim design might also allow the BlackSys CH- 100B to be mounted behind and above the rear view mirror for a very stealthy mounting position.

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BlackSys CH- 100B Specifications

CH- 100B offers full HD in the front and HD quality in the rear. Front unit is integrated with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor. Front and rear offer 135 and 130-degree wide viewing angle. During the day, the CH- 100B is more or less on par with its competition. Contrast and sharpness are quite high making signs easier to read. Vehicles are easily distinguished and license plates are legible even at motor speeds. However, please keep in mind that North American license plates are reflective and it is hard to read in some circumstances. Rear video has a less processed look to it and despite being only 720p, it offers good resolution and has a very sharp video at low speeds. The night video is also very comparable to the other Korean two-channel dash cams with good dynamic range and sharpness.

Far away, light sources have a slight blurriness to them and glare is managed better than a lot of dash cams. The video is sharpest within three or four car lengths of the dash cam, which is typical for low-light dash cam footage, and where sharpness is most important when it comes to using the dash cam as evidence. If there’s one area where the rear camera really excels, is its dynamic range at night.

The CH- 100B offers very bright video at night while still managing headlight glare easily. Parking mode on the BlackSys CH- 100B works great as expected on most Korean dash cams. When motion is detected, the camera will write the ten seconds before motion was detected and the twenty seconds after. This is little different from how other dash cams work, which typically involves recording for one minute after motion and five seconds before. Motion detection is available on both front and rear cameras. Independently, this is nice, as in the past motion detection on some cameras with trigger and re-recording, more space on the memory card is taken up. This is particularly useful if a car is backed up against a wall when parked.

Internal Voltage Cut-Off

BlackSys CH- 100B has internal voltage cut-off function, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a dedicated hard wiring kit. With the phone or computer app, you can set your voltage cut-off. The downside of this is that if you decide to use the PMP, your dash cam will continuously record as the dash cam believes that your vehicle is constantly running- if you don’t end up using their dedicated direct hard wiring cable. Hard wiring cable is only about three meters long, so cars that have a fuse box in the trunk will not be able to hardwire this dash cam into the fuse box.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this dash cam if you have a vehicle that has a fuse box in the trunk. You can still add a battery pack and enable battery mode from the app in case that you are looking to hardwire this dash cam with the battery pack. Interestingly enough, with the battery pack, you can actually use the parking mode just like how it’s designed to do.

Wi-Fi Support

You will be very impressed by the design and organization of the Wi-Fi CammSys has developed. As with other Wi-Fi apps, the connection is meant to be established near the vehicle through a smartphone and not from your home internet system or your home desktop. You will really like how you can sort the video files by choosing between front or rear always, which is normal mode, event, and motion detection modes.

The settings menu is also very straightforward to navigate. CammSys has, indeed, created the best Wi-Fi app. There are so many configuration options. You can do a CH- 100B and set your brightness to be different per camera. You can set your front dash cam to be brighter than your rear. This is perfect for those that have a dark tint in the back of the vehicle. You will never see this feature in any other Wi-Fi dash cams available in the market today.

Video Storage

CH- 100 B can be set to store more event videos over parking mode videos. You can set your SD card capacity so that you can store more important videos for longer. If you find that parking mode videos are important, you can set it so that more parking mode videos get stored into the SD card. Only when the specific category gets filled, it looks over and over. You can turn off rear cam for parking mode.

With its motion detection feature, you can even set your motion area. Again, how cool this is. SD format can be done via phone app and you can also update the phone while via this app. Wi-Fi won’t fail on you despite it’s a relatively new device. It will really blow your mind away.

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This dash cam also offers a solution for Mac users. They have compatible Mac software so you can still change your settings and review videos via its dedicated software. More configuration options are available via computer app. For example, you can set a timer so that your dash cam can format the SD card automatically either every month or in every couple weeks. No other companies offer a feature like this.

Moreover, formatting your SD card regularly is very important. If you have a tint in the back windshield, you can even let your dash cam know that you have a tint so your dash cam will raise its brightness. And again, you can actually change your brightness setting depending on your camera. This company has the best Wi-Fi app and offers different configuration options that most dash cam users have always been asking for.